Teambuilding Traps

Not long ago, I had a playtest session of ICv0.2 and my players encountered a rather peculiar trap. They had entered a room in some sort of underground complex - they do not know whether it is a tomb, dungeon, end of the world, or something else - to escape a legion of what they deemed to have been an company of automatons which had a set of runes carved onto them. As they entered they saw that the room was filled with silks, gold, and a fountain. But as they began to move around, they managed to go only a few steps, before the room seemed to extend it self. What was going on? After a player had thrown a piece of gold toward the fountain and saw it was stuck in the air, he looked at one of his party members. That member who was trying to get back to the point of entry suddenly saw himself move rapidly through the room, he looked back at his friend and then the stone fell into the fountain. Then it clicked. They were in a chamber where one person had to watch the other move through the room, otherwise they would be stuck in place. They had solved the puzzle that could have starved them to death.

Many people have written about puzzles - often in regards of playing a mystery or crime campaign -  and how to provide clues to the players. So I will not go into that, I provided one example I could remember where to find. Instead I will give you a few different Teambuilding Traps (?), these can be used in outdoors, as well as indoor areas.
Puzzle (Roll 1d6) Solution
1. People do not see themselves moving anywhere in the area. 1. A person has to observe another.
2. The floor or ground is a rotating disk, and it starts moving when the party steps on it, making it hard to move around. PC's require an appropriate check to move around. 2. There are small stones extruding from the ground, when one is stepped on it stops the puzzle for a moment, when two are stepped on the puzzle or characters goes in reverse.
3. An empty area with walls invisible, when someone tries to trot across, they will probably hit it. 3. At the entrances is a small animal figurine with a wooden labyrinth in it, with small pebbles appearing and moving around as the players move. The figurine cannot be moved
4. An empty area with a steep incline, if the players step wrongly it crumbles and revealing a pit trap. 4. A chain of dolls hangs in the air, holding hands and carrying one doll across and placing it infront.
5. The area is covered in total darkness, or extremely dense fog, but with the exceptions of 'balloons' of different changing colours being visible, going in blindly is deadly. 5. On a stone at the entrances, one can find a slab with different colours dotted on them, when changing one dot's colour the rest changes. Making lines of the same colour dissipates the fog or darkness.
6. A corridor of hedges or walls wave with a rhythm, they ebb and flow. Being caught at the wrong time might crush the players. 6. At the beginning and end of the corridor one can see a spot fading in and out with the rhythm.

That was all for today. Hope you like it and it made you think of fun teambuilding/team oriented puzzles you can put in your dungeon that are clear.