An Even More Irregular Project - Shatter and Scatter

I invite people again to come and enjoy something to shred and tear as much as they like. Construct it as you want. Here I present a game heavily inspired by 4th Edition of D&D (fight me). I kinda set myself up on G+ to promise that I will release what I have written so for on this even more irregular project, so here it is.

What to say about it. It is a game which uses certain aspects that 4th Edition as well uses, such as a tri-factor for powers (named knacks here). But these knacks will focus on being utility abilities rather than offensive ones, at least the At-will knacks.

There will be 6 races and classes (one for each stat). These are as presented in the version uploaded. However I have only written 2 of the 6 races and none of the classes, so go crazy.

Dice roll wise it is going to use player rolls only and roll over, I might have a controversial preference but I dislike throwing dice and would prefer to keep it to players only. I do not mind doing it for random tables and so on, but I do find it obstructive for D/GMing (or being the referee). That is at least my aim for it.

This alpha version is not even done yet. So as I said about the classes go crazy. Logo might get made.


  1. Thanks for this! I am actually going to send this to one of m friends from my 4e days because you actually did some of the things he suggested about the system.

  2. Anything called "Shat/Scat" immediately has my attention...

    1. As any reasonable human's attention! Please give feedback and build on it. I want to see what people think and do with this silliness!


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