Irregular Caltrops - Another Playtest Draft!

Welcome people, to another playtest draft of the game! This time it looks a bit different, and Oh Boy McCoy, I added a character sheet! My hope is that it will make play easier. Below I present all the changes made from the last playtest version:


  1. I have increased the dice to 3d4, and adjusted everything needed to accommodate that change.
  2. Provided a basic spellcasting mechanic and thus added a single page with spells. However you should find your favourite spell lists and simply use those.
  3. Reduced the number of Niches and Specials, as I was not happy with a majority of the niches and specials I had made. They will be added back later, but for playtesting purposes it does not matter how many of each we have. My tip is when playing IC in its current iteration, simply change the skillsets to fit the style of campaign you want, or make your own niches and specials.
  4. Provided guidelines on how to make archetypes, niches, specials, skills, and equipment.
  5. Simplified how equipment works.
  6. Added in monsters that conform with Troika! and Advanced Fighting Fantasy structure.