Children of the Mothership and their Toys

NASA, this is a perfect place for mind hijacking fungal parasite to begin scheming.

Hello! This is my foray into table making, and I decided on something easy yet (I hope) flavorful. Colony landmarks and their condition. I made them based on different art I saw from the 70's and up. Enjoy and scare the shit out of your players.

Roll (d10) Landmark
1 A tubular hall way that is made from organic cellular blocks
2 A city modelled after a neuron pathway
3 Two gigantic lobe leafed solar panels
4 An ever evolving cityscape of moving buildings
5 On Planet spaceship building tube
6 A bioluminescent forest
7 Larger then town Planet-to-Space station
8 Floating Cities, moving with the current
9 Large Monument of a Company CEO
10 A 100 kilometer logarithmic spiral formed garden

Roll (2d10) Condition
2-3   In a wealthy and state of the art condition
4-5   Well preserved sections, with few locales off limit
6-7   Just opened for the public to enjoy
8-9   Under surveillance, because of vandalism
10-12   In perfect condition, but under the protection of company enforcement
13-15   Rundown and under surveillance
16-18   Recent events have closed the landmark off limit
19-20   Ruined and quarantined