2019 Plan of Irregular Posts and Oddities

What do I plan for the next twelve months? To be honest, not a lot. In the sense that I prefer to have a sparse plan and be able to deliver. So with this anticlimactic disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into this sparse plan of mine.

Irregular Caltrops

First up, I will be continuing my work on Irregular Caltrops. I actually plan to release another playtest draft for people to check out and play. I have fixed some things I noticed did not work as intended, and now I am ready with a more clean and draft for everybody to tear apart and hurt their feet on. Moreover, I am including a character sheet! Oh the novelty and innovation I showcase.

I am still debating with myself about including, or excluding, a few points of content. Such as magic, and an extensive bestiary. I feel like I have not anything good to add on these two points, but on the other hand I feel an irrational pressure to include these for the sake of completing a ‘rpg’ book. I will welcome any input people have on the topic and consider it. As of right now, I feel like just throwing those two specific points out the window and maybe make future modules including those two elements. Maybe go a B/X Essential route could be beneficial, but that is a bit too long term for now. In any case, I will make posts regarding these topics and more.

So, I was handed this setting from a friend of mine who started it, but found out he had no time to work on it or even finish his initial posts on it. It is interesting and something right up my alley. A mix of Eastern European and Mongol-Turkic folklore with a grim reality to it. I have been handed everything for it, but there is a bit of a clean up job to do here. In any case here is the pitch:
Enclosed by curse and forgotten by the cosmos, inside the forest lies world of the trapped people. Flocking to stones that ease their minds or to the voices of the moon above. Many tread carefully in the light of the burning stakes, for they can easily be mistaken for a wizard or witch. Follow the stones to places forgotten, or follow the moon to the places in between.

I might make Komormetsa my main setting for I like a lot in it. But time will tell. Who knows I might adopt it as Irregular Caltrops default setting.

Mothership (Mosh)

I plan to play and make stuff for Mosh. I really enjoy the dark sci-fi themes, and psychedelic stuff, the system promotes and I want to give back to that. This, however, will probably be the most irregular post of my things so far mentioned. I hope that these will be of high quality, making up for the irregularity. Concrete things I have planned for Mosh? I might make a post regarding the station MOD-S and the weird horrors that happen there.

Special Project Collab

Last thing on the agenda. I am currently working with Sigve from Revenant’s Quill on a special project. I will make posts that might not fit any of the above sections and they may, or not, be part of this project of ours. Think of it as a bad tease. We promise it will be weird and random.


This is very much a project that happens to get build on whenever I feel for it. So do not consider it a thing I will focus on a lot. It will probably remain as a hack and that is it. This project is more a nostalgia trip for me than an actual project I am investing time in.
So to sum up:

Irregular Caltrops

  • Continuous development
  • Another Playtest Draft
  • Discussion Posts for things to include or exclude
  • Might get a setting?


  • Weird and Dark folklore setting
  • Eastern European, Mongolic, & Turkic, inspired
  • Might become Irregular Caltrops setting?


Special Project Collab

  • Randomised [REDACTED]
  • With Revenant’s Quill
  • Inspired by [REDACTED]


  • Nostalgia thing.
  • Regularly irregular.