Playtest Draft for IC ready!

Welcome to my little shouting corner of the internet!

Today, I have something special for you all. It is the first playtest draft for IC.I hope you will enjoy it, and as always shred it to your hearts desire. However, sadly, a lot of the flavour I have already written in my other more secret document for IC is not included in the playtest draft. I simply could not make it fit into a low page count, as this draft represents. So for your ease I limited the game down to 12 pages so you can easily print it and staple, or coiling, it.


I really hope referees and players will take this up and write to me their experience, plus lots of constructive feedback. I will be honest and say that I will not be able to change everything in it, but I will try my best to figure out the essence of the changes you wish and try to implement them in the best way. I will do my best to be as responsive to the emails and play hot fix-potato with the people writing to me.

If you have any questions, comment, contact me, yell at me in person, or sit me down for a cup of afternoon tea at 12:03:23. It has to be that time, I cannot otherwise. Remember to bring shortbread biscuits.

I like shortbread biscuits.